Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Little Motivation

At the beginning of the month I posted about a few goals I have for this November. The first on the list was writing 750 words a day. Days one through six rocked, hitting my goal and sometimes passes it. Then JB came home and I fell off the writing wagon. I've managed to hit my goal two more days. Eight out of twenty is a bit shy of my hopes, but it's better than nothing. And I've got ten more days to keep at it, which also reminds me that I only have ten more days to work on those other four goals. To light a bit of a fire under my butt on number two I rounded up some inspiration...
   I've mentioned before how I believe that clearing out the old is important to make way for the new. I am hoping that a good 'ol closet purge is going to do just that, both literally and metaphorically. But the metaphorical part is another post for another day.
    I am a bit out of sorts with my wardrobe, which currently is made up of workout wear (which is my work uniform) and then a mash up of items that don't seem to go well with each other nor do they reflect any style. I have difficulty deciphering what my style is. I am constantly admiring the wardrobe likes of girls like this one and this one, and must say that when I stumbled upon their blogs a few years ago (has it really been that long...) I felt so excited by their girlie style and vintage flair. But I am not sure that their style, no matter how much I may admire it, is truly my style. Somewhat of a tomboy at heart, I think I will always lean towards simple, classic items, but maybe with a bit of a twist. Think J.Crew meets FOAM Magazine, with a little thrift store magic sprinkled on top. That's attainable, right? ;)
   So with that in mind, this week I am going to start culling some wardrobe inspiration in hopes of finding some direction. Wish me luck. Hope everyone had a great weekend. I spent my Sunday helping to paint my nephews wall like a giant baseball. It was pretty fun.


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  1. look at all those amazing closets! i want one of those to be mine! i really need to have a better way to organize our ONE closet! hhuuuh......

  2. Hi! I just found your blog and this post immediately grabbed my attention. First, those closets are amazing! I'll take any of them. Second, when it comes to personal style, I am EXACTLY like you. Workout and horseback riding clothes monopolize my closet. I admire so many other girls style, but it's just not practical in my life. I love cute, vintage things, but I would have no idea where to wear them. So, i'm a little confused at the moment, lol. One day i'll find it!

    Happy Thanksgiving!