Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November Goals. And a Horse.

Last week I had to go out to a client's home and since I was a bit early, I got to go meet his horse. This boy is older than me at 30, and he didn't see so well anymore, but once he realized I had carrots, I was alright by him. This was my first time being this close to a full grown horse without any type of fence or anything in between us, and I was blown away (ie slightly petrified) by what huge creatures they are. But lovely creatures, absolutely lovely.

Today started a new month, which is that fact incredible to anyone else? Where did October go? But I digress.... I wanted to make a few goals for myself for this month. A few are creative in nature, but a few are more centered on cleaning. A Fall Cleaning, if you will, because I am huge believer that as we clear out clutter, whether physical or even just mental, it clears the way for new and exciting energy and opportunities to come into our lives. If we are overloaded and stifled by crap we don't need/love, there's no room to let in any of the new good stuff that's waiting out there for all of us. So I am ready to clear out the crap and make space for new and positive things.

November Goals:
1. Write 750 words a day, whether in a blog post or just ramblings for myself.
2. Clean out my bedroom closet and the linen closet.
3. Finish my current sewing project.
4. Crochet a hat for me and JB. Cooler temps are right around the corner.
5. Start Christmas gifts.....

What about you guys, anybody making any goals for this month or season? Before we know it, the holiday season is going to be upon us. Cra-zy!



  1. he is a beauty! i love horses, i was that horse girl growing up :) uh i need to start on christmas presents and get on my craft fair...kinda want to cry right now. so much to do!!!!!

  2. I'm all about getting rid of the things that hold me back.. I recently cleaned out my entire closet and only put the things back in that I actually wear. All the other junk in there was just clutter that ends up cluttering my mind!